The old renovated homestead was named after "Nona" Marica (Grandmother Marica), who spoiled children with simple but excellent local dishes.


The House of Marica is situated within the majestic walls of the picturesque medieval village of Šmartno. Once a military fort,
today, a romantic place, where it seems that time stopped long ago.


The village Šmartno lies in the heart of the wine region Brda. Its strategic position on the top of the hill offers a wonderful view from the Alps to the Adriatic sea. The old village walls, narrow streets and defense towers give this village a unique charm.





… the playful, hilly land, where you will be mesmerised by the colourful palette of colours, smells and tastes.


Millions of years ago the area of Brda was covered by the sea. It was the time when the fertile soil was created that one day will give tons of juicy fruit and wines of exceptional quality.


Gradually, the sea withdrew and mother earth, through the centuries, created an idyllic landscape strewn with hills, intertwined with brooks and streams, covered with lush greenery. Landscape, which gradually descends to the vast plains of Friuli and the horizon disappears into the depths of the Adriatic Sea.


Meanwhile the human hand sowed and reaped and so appeared orchards, vineyards, gardens, groves of olives and herbs and everything that makes the Brda region so fabulous.





…a picturesque medieval village with a Mediterranean character.


Behind the majestic walls in the middle of the colourful, hilly landscape you will find the medieval village of Šmartno, one of the best preserved villages in Brda and at the same time one of the finest cultural and historical monuments of Slovenia.

Once a fortified Roman outpost from which the Roman soldiers defended their empire from barbarians from the north. It was a strategic military fortress in the time of war between the Republic of Venice and Austria and a shelter against Turks and predators.Traces of a tumultuous past are visible on almost every step through the village, as you are never far from the preserved city walls and towers. After centuries of wars, looting and border tensions, the village's original military character gradually transformed until nowadays, where the village  is more a romantic place, and it appears that time has stopped long ago.

Due to many attractions, Šmartno is the most visited tourist point in Brda. In addition to the magnificent baroque church of Saint Martin (with an even older bell tower and in-built Roman plate), Brda House (ethnological museum) and The House of Culture with an art gallery are also worth visiting.

The rich heritage of the past serves as a wonderful and unique scenery for the many cultural and entertainment events that take place throughout the year in Šmartno.

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